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  1. Product Name Length Value Input

    Product Name Length Value Input.

    Works in the following versions of open cart:,,

    Works in the following version of Mijoshop: 3.x.x

    Works in the following version of Jcart 2.x.x.x

    Works in the following version of Joomla 1.5.x / Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x.x

    Installation procedure:

    1. Unzip the download file.

    2. use jcart/mijoshop/open cart extension installer to install.

    3. Simply used the extension installer and upload the - ProductNameLengthValueInput.OCMOD

    4. Check the results in modification and in System-your store- option tab.

  2. Google ReCaptcha Manager

    Adding re-captcha in your site. You have two options the basic and the google re-captcha.
    For basic captcha; no need to register in google. we maximized the use of basic opencart captcha
    For Google reCaptcha; simply copy and paste your key and secret key code in the admin area.

    Works also for Jcart version 2.x.x.x and Mijoshop Joomla 3.x.x component (Joomal 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x).

    For OpenCart : (Opencart, and - Compatibility)

  3. miTT PWA Push (Progressive Web App)

    miTT PWA Push integrates a Progressive Web App with Push Messages into Joomla. This plugin has all features as miTT PWA. Full Control over the Service Worker Cache gives you the possibility to handle your Cache Strategy. The only difference between miTT PWA and miTT PWA Push is the support of Push Notifications based on Google Firebase.

    Joomla PWA Features:
    - full control over the cache behaviour
    - static cache
    - automatic cache
    - Network First
    - Cache First
    - CDN Support for external files
    - fast page loading
    - Setting Cache Exceptions
    - Setting up a personal offline page
    - config your own Theme and Background color of the app
    - set own icon (maskable icon support)
    - App Shortcuts
    - create own custom Installation Button for the PWA
    - simple Install Notice at iOS

    Push Notification:
    - Push messages with Google Firebase
    - K2, FLEXIcontent Support
    - Push messages directly from the article
    - Push optionally from defined categories
    - Push Messages supported in Chrome, Firefox, Edge - Android, Windows, Linux, OSX

  4. R2H CharacterCounter

    The CharacterCounter for Joomla! does pretty much what it says. It counts characters in text fields in the Joomla! backend (Title, Alias, Meta Description, Browser Page Title, etc.). This way, you get immediate insight into the number of characters you have typed.

    CharacterCounter is a small but very useful Joomla Extension for SEO purposes! Whenever you are typing in the Page Title field CharacterCounter will notice this and signals you if you have more than 55 characters. It also gives you a notice if the Meta Description is longer than 150 characters. This way you'll keep your text length within the generally accepted length based on SEO experts’ experience.

    More precise the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) will display 512 pixels of the Page Title. Since a “W" is wider than an “I" the maximum number of characters may vary, but 55 is set as kind of a save zone.

    And the best news… it’s free to use!

  5. Maaiiconnect

    maaiiconnect Joomla extension

    maaiiconeect is centered around flexibility, efficiency, and reliability, and this is achieved through constantly sought ways of expanding reach and intensifying customer solutions. As your Joomla extension, maaiiconnect provides you with the platform achieve these letting you attend to your customers’ needs more effectively.

    When you install the maaiiconnect extension in your Joomla website, you and your agents will have 24/7 engagement with your customers. maaiiconnect smoothens the flow of inquiries by distributing them to multiple destinations depending on time and availability. In cases where your customers cannot reach you immediately, maaiiconnect also comes with Pre-chat and Offline Support forms, which customers can fill out with their contact details and initial inquiry. These forms are good ways to assess the various types of support customers need, speed up enquiry resolutions, and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

    How to use

    All you need is to subscribe to maaiiconnect to get a dedicated service account. Install and activate the maaiiconnect extension in your Joomla to start engaging with your customers and visitors of your Joomla website using the maaiiconnect widget.

    About maaiiconnect

    maaiiconnect is an all-in-one customer engagement and team collaboration platform that’s revolutionising B2B and B2C communications by combining telecom and digital channels. With best-in-class voice and video calls, and dynamic chat solutions, maaiiconnect helps businesses to elevate customer experience, boost team productivity and grow sales.

    With M800’s propriety infrastructure and globally distributed network as its cornerstone, maaiiconnect offers a complete communications suite that can be seamlessly integrated with any company’s communication ecosystems, allowing businesses to achieve scalability in an evolving technological landscape.

    The maaiiconnect platform comes with the following unified components:

    • Visitor Web Client for client-side website integration and communication
    • Staff Web Dashboard (and Desktop Apps for macOS and Windows - coming soon) for enterprise-side configuration and communication
    • Staff Mobile App for enterprise-side communication

    Check our video:

    maaiiconnect Features

    Drive premium customer experience across every channel and touchpoint. As a communications solution that unifies telecommunications and digital channels, maaiiconnect comes with a compact suite of features that helps companies facilitate round-the-clock customer service support.

    These features include:

    • Widget live call and chat
    • Weblink and QR code call and chat
    • 1-click-call
    • Inbound and Outgoing Voice (VoIP-VoIP and PSTN Phone) calls
    • Video calls
    • Call Recording
    • Voicemails
    • Call forwarding
    • Omnichannels
    • SMS 1:1 and Campaign
    • File Sharing
    • Inquiry Management
    • Contacts Management

    Seamless virtual team communication and collaboration. maaiiconnect enables online businesses to have their employees productively collaborate with these features:

    • Space for internal group chat
    • Inbound and Outgoing Voice (VoIP-VoIP and PSTN Phone) calls
    • Video Calls
    • Conference calls
    • Screen Sharing
    • File sharing

    As maaiiconnect is available on mobile app and browser, employees can communicate with their colleagues while actively engaging with their clients virtually anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

    Check out more features ( to find the best plan you need for your customer engagement and team collaboration.

    Documentation and Support

    For documentation and tutorials, go to our Help Center ( site.
    If you have any more questions, start a call or chat session with our maaiiconnect support team
    For more information about maaiiconnect features, solutions, and FAQs, check out our website.

    The Joomla live call and chat extension by maaiiconnect is free. Start with maaiiconnect Essential plan which is free, allowing you to use our service.

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